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2 July 1934 page 1


Imperial Family Keeping Out Of Turns Of
Events In Germany While Troops Still
Guard Streets

(By Louis P. Lochner)
Copyright, 1934, By the Associated Press
   BERLIN, July 2—President Paul Von Hindenburg to
day made the Reichswar (German army) personally
responsible for the safety of Vice Chancellor Franz Von
Papen, threatening a state of seige if he were victimized
for his recent bold stand in criticizing some Nazi policies.
   A guard of special Blackshirt soldiers was delegates to
ensure Von Papen’s safety.

   The ultimate fate of the vice
chancellor, bitter conservative crit-
ic of some of the Nazi methods,
had become a question of burning
moment in   Germany  when   his
friend and patron, President von
Hindenburg, gave his blessings to
Chancellor Hitler today.
   The president from his retreat in
Neudech where he is lying ill tele-
graphed the chancellor:
   “You have saved   the   German
people from serious dangers. I ex-
press to you my deep thanks and
gratitude with cordial regards.”
   So far as was known to the gen-
eral public von Papen was still for-
bidden to leave his apartment ad-
joining Hitler’s. Several  of  his
close collaborators were dead.
   Those executed   in   Saturday’s
ruthless “liquidation of Nazi Ex-
tremists and Rightists” opposed to
the Nazi regime, included Werner
von Alvensleben, von Papen’s close
friend.   The vice chancellor’s ad-
jutant, Friedrich von  Tschirrsky,
was reported to have committed
suicide.   Von   Papen’s secretary,
Hubert von Bose, was said to have
gone the same way.
   It was apparent to all that Hitler
and his chief adjutant  Hermann
Wilhelm  Goering, were,   in   the
present situation at least,  firmly
in the saddle.
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   With principal leaders of the op-
position already dead and other
shootings rumored hourly, oppos-
ing forces had no directing heads
to lead them into action.
   Government buildings were still
heavily guarded by police today and
police with rifles walked the streets
by twos.  The blackshirted Schutz
Staffel, Goering’s special guards-
men, were held in readiness for an
   Among the kaleidoscopic develop-
ments of the day was the arrest of
Major Mueldner  von   Muelmheim,
for many years adjutant to the
former Crown Prince Friedrich
Wilhelm who was taken into cus-
tody because of his known friend-
ship for General Kurt von Schleich-
er. The latter, former chancellor
and firm monarchist,  was  killed
“resisting arrest” Saturday.
   The former crown prince return-
ed today from his estate at Oles,
Silesia, and said that he had been
molested in no way while he was
there or while he was traveling.
He went to his Potsdam home im-
mediately upon his arrival. Prince
August Wilhelm,  the     Kaiser’s
fourth son, was reported on good
authority to be at his home in Pots-
dam  with  his  movements  unre-
   In this connection it was pointed
out that the whole former imper-
ial house appeared to be keeping
strictly out of the situation.   No
member would make even   the
slightest comment.
   The number of dead in the week-
end’s upheaval was fixed unoffi-
cially today at 18.