Nashua Telegraph
Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.A.
31 March 1933 pages 1 and 9.
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   BERLIN, Mar. 31, (AP)–Nazi storm troopers today
cleared Berlin law courts of Jewish judges and attorneys.
  Among those ousted was Chief Justice Kurt Snelling.
  Reports from the United States that Chancellor Hit-
ler’s Nazi party might be persuaded at the last minute
to refrain from launching its drastic economic war on
the Jews tomorrow seemed only to add fuel to the fire
   A new proclamation defined the action as the begin-
ning of a war on the entire Jewish race of the world. A
party declaration said it will be fought “until victory is
   The Jews, their backs to the wall as their last appeals
for mercy fell on deaf ears, have visualized their finan-
cial ruin and ultimate isolation from German cities and
   Such elaborate plans were being made for the begin-
ning at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning, of the nationwide
boycott on all businesses and professions conducted by
Jews, and even Christian Jews, that there was no appar-
entg loophole left for retreat.
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   But there was no tendency in
that direction as propaganda was
poured through every available
channel to stir up national feeling
against what the Nazis called the
international  conspiracy   of  the
   Chancellor  Hitler’s  old  battle
cry that “Jews and the stock ex-
changes started the World War”
was revived in today’s proclama-
tion, issued by the central boycott
   “Judah is stabbing Germany in
the back with the same methods it
employed to perpetrate the crim-
inal World War. Again Judah is at
work calumniating  the  German
people as Huns and Barbarians,”
said the proclamation.
   Reports from the United States
that the boycott would be called
off were cited in the press.  The
newspaper Angriff, edited by Joseph
Goebbels, the new  minister  of
propaganda in the Hitler cabinet,
seemed particularly  irritated  by
these reports.
   “In some sections of the Amer-
ican press, Germany’s counter-
measures are being answered by a
renewed demand for a boycott of
German Goods,” it said. Tomor-
row’s boycott was planned to pun-
ish German Jews for the alleged
spread of “atrocity stories” abroad.
See Jewish Plot
   The Nazis profess to see an in-
ternational Jewish plot at work,
such as they have always blamed
for the ill that befell Germany as
a result of the World War.
   Several hundred thousand brown-
shirted Nazis are to begin the
picketing of Jewish establishments
throughout the country and already
have been assigned to their posts.
In manytowns boycotts already
were active but the Nazis troops
were ordered to halt them and in
some places they were able to do
so, though it was necessary to
close the victimized stores.
   The Jews themselves will be
obliged to identify their stores for
the boycott campaign by hanging
out yellow-lettered black placards,
outdoor demonstrations and pub-
lic display of posters today an-
nounced instructions and slogans
for the boycotters.
   Boycott committees also have
staffs of persons to photograph
anyone   patronizing   boycotted
stores and these will be published
in newspapers and shown on mo-
tion picture screens to shame them.
   Plans have also been announced
to restrict Jewish attendance  in
schools of all grades and last night
the Prussian Nazi party proposed
that the Jewish enrollment be cut
to one per cent.
   An order was issued by the Nazi
headquarters to refrain from inter-
fering with the business  of  the
Woolworth chain stores.
   One report laid the latest  out-
break against the Woolworth stores
to an erroneous belief that the or-
iginal  Woolworth  was a  Jew.
(American investors have $27,000,-
000 invested in various chair stores
and   Jewish-owned   department
stores in Germany.)