Mobs Wreck
In Vienna
  Vienna (AP)—Vienna Jews said to-
day 22 of their number committed
suicide in despair as all of the 21
synagogues in the city suffered to-
tal or partial destruction at the
hands of mobs.
  One syndagogue was blown up.
Three others were wrecked.
Storm  troopers  brought  truck
loads of Jews to Doliner st where
they were put to work tearing down
another synagogue piece by piece.
  Numerous male Jews were ar-
rested as they waited outside the
British consulate seeking visas to
England. Women were not detained.
  Storm troopers said those ar-
rested would be taken to concentra-
tion camps.
  Anti-Jewish passions gripped a
large section of Vienna’s popula-
tion, which as the day wore on be-
came more active in acts of re-
venge for the killing of Ernst Vom
Rath, German embassy secretary,
by a Polish Jew.
  The Jewish asylum for the aged
on the Seegasse, built during the
reign of Emperor Franz Josef in
1892, was raided by a crowd. The
invaders left not a window pane

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Mobs Wreck
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unbroken. They  returned  to  the
street laden with Jewish prayer
books and rolls, piled them up and
burned them amid the applause of
the crowd.
  The eating house of the Jewish
relief organization at Gruene Tor
Gasse was wrecked. Two prayer
houses nearby shared the same
  Dynamite shattered the interior
of a synagogue in Mueldner Gasse,
after which the building caught fire.
  The sexton and another person
there were injured seriously.
  A number of other Jewish places
of worship also were on fire.
  The Zirkus Gasse synagogue,
which was raided early in the day,
was destroyed by dynamite by noon.
  Damage in Vienna alone was es-
timated at more than 10,000,000
marks ($4,000,000).