Nashua Jewry
Hears Zionist
Pres. Broadcast

  Nashua Jewry in large numbers
gathered at the vestry of the Beth
Abraham synagogue last evening,
at a meeting called by the various
heads of the Zionists movement of
the  city,  to  listen  to  a  broadcast
of  Dr  Solomon  Goldman  of  Chi-
cago, president of the Zionist or-
ganization of America on the pres-
ent situation in Palestine and in
which he urged all to write or wire
President Roosevelt and congress-
men to use their influence “that
Great Britain should fulfill her
international obligations in Pales-
  Dr Morton J. Robbins, president
of  the  Nashua  Kadimah  district,
added his appeal to all, to join in
the thousands who are writing to
the state department asking that
something be done to prevent Eng-
land from nullifying the Balfour
treaty and curtail Jewish immigra-
tion  to  the  Holy  Land.  Jews  and
Gentiles throughout the world are
appealing to Great Britain not to
underatke the change which it now
proposes, which might eventually
mean the abandonment of the Eng-
lish protection of the Jews there
and restrict further immigration,
so that Jewish refugees would be
bereft of a home.