U.S. Note and Vatican
Stand Irritate Italians
   Rome  (AP)—Italy’s international
relations  were  irritated  today  by
American and Vatican concern over
new anti-Semitic regulations laid
down by the Fascist Grand Council.
   The United States Embassy await-
ed a reply to a note handed to For-
eign Minister Count Galeazzo Ci-
ano by Ambassador William Phil-
lips asking whether American Jews
are to be given the same considera-
tion Italians get in America.
   The note was understood to point
out  that  Italians  in  the  United
States are not discriminated against
for reasons of race or religion.
   About  200  American  Jews   are
threatened  with  expulsion  from
Italy  under  the  Council’s regula-
tions affecting foreign Jews. Many
have applied to the Embassy for
help or information.
   The Vatican was concerned over
Fascism’s ban on marriages be-
tween Italians and persons of “non-
Aryan or alien races.” Approval
was witheld until Vatican author-
ities saw how the ban would work.
   Under  the  1929  Concordat  the
Italian government pledged itself to
recognize as legal the sacrament of
marriage performed according to
canon law.

   The Vatican newspaper, L’Osser-
vatore Romano, said the announce-
ment of the new race regulations
“certainly cannot exclude preoccu-
pation on our part, especially with
regard to the principles and matri-
monial discipline of the church.”

   “However,” it added, “in so grave
a matter, we await details which
only the texts of the related laws
can provide, trusting they may dis-
pel every reason for reserve.”