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Italy Restricts Jews
Forbids Intermarriage

Cuts Economic Activity in Policies Laid
Down on Broad Lines

 Rome (AP)—Italy struck at “World
Hebrewism” as the “inspirer of
anti-fascism” today by forbidding
intermarriage of Jews and Italians
and restricting Jewish economic
 The Fascist Grand Council laid
down the anti-Semitic regulations
in a series of orders for “defense of
the Italian race” which evidently
were imbued with the spirit of em-
 Many of the new restrictions were
directed against Jews, but the pol-
icy was drafted on broad lines to
affect “African, Semitic and other
races” than Italian.
 The Grand Council declared the
necessity for “race consciousness”
to be urgent ”'since the conquest of
empire,” and called for “quantita-
tive and qualitative betterment” of
the Italian race.


 It made two concessions to Jews
in line with Premier Mussolini’s
promise of moderation in his speech
at Trieste Sept 18, exempting Jews
who had served the country meri-
toriously in war and holding out
the possibility of sanctuary for
Jews in Ethiopia.
  The mixed marriage ban forbade
union of Italians and “African,
Semitic and other races,” and mar-
riage of civilian and military em-
ployes of the state to “foreign
women of whatever race.” Other
Italians were required to have the
Interior ministry’s permission be-
fore a foreign marriage.
 Special economic and political re-
strictions prohibited Italian Jews
from belonging to the Fascist party,
owning or managing business firms
employing more than 100 persons,
owning more than 50 hectares
(123.5) acres) of land, or entering
Italy’s military services.

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Italy Restricts Jews
Forbids Intermarriage

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 Further Jewish immigration was
banned and expulsion of “undesir-
ables” was supported. This refer-
red to the Cabinet decree of Aug 1,
ordering all Jews who have settled
in Italy since Jan 1, 1919 to leave
the country. Census figures pub-
lished two days ago said there were
about 70,000 Jews in Italy.


  At Trieste, Mussolini stated the
world would be surprised at the
moderation of Italy’s anti-Jewish
measures. Fascists said this moder-
ation was found in the series of ex-
plicit exceptions and guarantees
laid down be the Grand Council.
  The exceptions extended to fam-
ilies of decorated war veterans, of
volunteers. and of soldiers killed in
the World, Libyan, Ethiopian and
Spanish Wars, families who may
be adjudged worthy by special
commission, and families of those
killed or wounded in fighting for
the fascist cause.
  In addition, the Council exempted
from the expulsion order foreign
Jews over 65 years of age and all
who had married Italians before
Oct 1, this year.
  The decrees were made to apply
to Italians whose parents were
Jews, those whose parents pro-
fessed the jewish religion regard-
less of race, or those whose fathers
were Jewish and mothers Aryan.
  Provisions regulating the activ-
ities of Jews in professions are to
be made public later.