Nazi Army In Sudetens;
Czechs Give Up To Poles

Meet Ultimatum
To Surrender City

Nazi Army
Of 30,000 in

  Headquarters of the German
Army of Occupation, Passau, ger-
many  (AP)—Main body of the
Germany Army crossed   the
Czechoslovak frontier at 2 p m
(8 a m, EST) today, to start its
formal occupation of Sudeten-
 Reconnoitering units had pre-
ceded the main body of the occu-
pation force across the border
during the early morning.
 It planned to occupy about one-
quarter of the first zone of the
ceded territory today, going as
far as Warmer and Moldau rivers.
 As the German troops ad-
vanced, they were separated from
Czechoslovak forces by a neutral
zone 3,000 meters (3,270 yard)
wide running roughly parallel to
the new frontier.
Military law today ruled the first
Czechoslovak zone occupied by the
German Army.
 Foreigners not attached to head-
quarters or not accompanied by
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Nazi Army
In Sudetens

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officers were subject to immediate

  Strict military observation was
also in force along the German side
of the frontier.

 The first zone taken over form
the Czechoslovaks stretched from
the border town of Studenbach
through the towns of Rehberg,
Wallern and Reasberg, curving
downwards toward the frontier town of

  Krumau, the chief town of the
region, and Kaplitz were not in-
cluded in the German occupation. It
was assumed at headquarters the
Czechs had withdrawn to Krumau,
using the city as a new frontier

  Twenty foreign newspapermen
were accredited to the Army of
Occupation. They were warned not
to stray from a group for the pur-
pose of independent observation,
but were assured of an opportun-
ity to see “everything.”

  Photographers were denied per-
mission to enter the occupied ter-

  Newspapermen traveling in pri-
vate and army automobils were
accompanied by staff officers.