Feeling Between Berlin and
  Vienna Governments

  BERLIN, July 8. (AP)—A fight to
the finish against the Austrian
government of Chancellor Dollfuss
was proclaimed today by Otto Die-
trich, German press chief, who de-
clared: “Agreement with the pre-
sent Austrian government is im-
possible so long as suppression
  Every effort to effect a truce
with Austria is a stab in the back
of the Austrian Nazis.” he said at
a press reception for Theodore Ha-
bicht, Austrian Nazi leader, in re-
ferring to the recent action of the
Dollfuss government outlawing Na-
zis in Austria.
  Habicht called Chancellor Doll-
fuss a “separatist,” and predicted
failure for his fight against the
  “It is impossible to incorporate
Austria into the Reich today,” he
said. “However, when an inner
accord between the nations  is
reached a formal anschluss (Aus-
tro-German union) will be super-
  The arrest of leaders of the Nazi
movement in Austria, the declara-
tion of a tourist boycott against
Austria in germany, a series of
bombings in Austria ascribed to
the Nazis, the arrest in Vienna of
Habicht, and the retaliatory arrest
in Berlin of the Austrian press at-
tache, Dr. Erwin Wasserbaeck, are
ingredients of the feeling between
the Berlin and Vienna govern-
  The clash with Austria, osten-
sibly over the treatment of his
followers in Austria, marks Chan-
cellor Hitler’s first independent
sally into the foreign political
  Dietrich denounced a section of
the German press for a concilia-
tory attitude toward Austria. It
was recalled that the industrialist
Allgemeine Zeitung was banned
for three months for criticising the
tourist boycott against Austria.
The ban was later modified.