Nashua Telegraph
Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.A.
4 April 1934 page 4.


Congress Gets Back To Work With Heavy Cal-
endar Of Business
  WASHINGTON Apr. 4 – (AP) –
The house that kicked up its heels
yesterday while party leaders were
away was saddled today with plen-
ty of business.
  First off, Speaker Rainey planned
to appoint a committee to delve in-
to charges by Dr. Wirt, Gary, Ind.,
educator, that members of the
Roosevelt “Brain Trust” wish to
paint the government red.
  Next he intended to select a
house committee to look into
charges of Nazi propaganda in
  The third move was up to Rep-
resentative Jones (D-Tex). He
sought to get the Bankhead com-
pulsory cotton control bill to con-
ference in the hope that the senate
will remove some of the amend-
ments it tacked on the measure.
  The Jones-Costigan sugar con-
trol bill, also altered, then was
scheduled for debate, under pro-
cedure that would require a two-
thirds majority vote. Representa-
tives from Beet sugar producing
states have decided to bark at it
but vote for it.
  The next item on the list was the
senate approved Johnson bill to bar
war debt defaulters from selling
securities to American investors.
There was other business waiting,
if the legislators could get
around to it.
  Speaker Rainey and the party
leaders were out of town yesterday
and Representative Sabath (D-Ill)
handled the speaker’s gavel. House
members, apparently affected by
the warm spring day, had a good
time forcing roll calls, votes, on
adjournment and pushing little
private bills around.