Nashua Telegraph
Nashua, New Hampshire, U.S.A.
3 April 1934 page 9.

       RULED OUT

When High German
Comes to Harvard
  WASHINGTON, Apr. 3 – (AP) –
Rep. Samuel Dickstein, New York
Democrat and chairman of the
house Nazi investigation committee,
says he intends to see that one man
scheduled to attend the Harvard
commencement exercises in June
doesn’t spread and “Nazi propagan-
da” while in this country.
  Dickstein, who is also chairman
of the house immigration commit-
tee, said today he had asked the
labor department to determine
whether Ernst Hanfstaengl, who is
expected to attend the 25th reunion
of his Harvard class, is coming
for that purpose “or to spread
Nazi propaganda” he added:
  “If his purpose is honest, I have
no quarrel with him. But if his
purpose is to spread some more
Hitler propaganda, that is different.
We have enough of that now.”
  His request to the labor depart-
ment, Dickstein said, was prompt-
ed by a letter from Major Frank
Pease, and American army officer
and author of a book on Germany
under Hitler.
Inside Gang
  Major Pease, he said, wrote that
Hanfstaengl was a member of the
“inside gang” of Nazi propagan-
dists, and an advisor to Herr Dok-
tor Diehl, chief of the general for-
eign office secret service” in Ger-
  Dickstein said Major Pease stated
in his letter that Mrs. Pease had
been so mistreated by storm troo-
pers in Germany that she had spent
several months in bed, and that
Hanfstaengl “laughed” at the mis-